2022 Mastermind

Increasing Confidence, Clarity & Conversions for Creative Entrepreneurs

Ever feel stuck on how to start or scale your business for more revenue?

Overwhelmed making all the strategy decisions on your own?

Secretly afraid you don’t know what you’re doing and won’t make the revenue you want?
Oh and you feel like a crazy person and you’d like that to stop?
Oh, and you have zero time and all the anxiety?

Yes?  Friend, you’re in the right place.

Business is not easy. Yet it can be far easier, together.

After 10 years in business I’ve taken the 3 most important elements that took me from striving to thriving — a coach, courses, and community — and combined them into one experience.

Most importantly, it’s not $2-3k for just 2 months or $20-40k for the year. I have learned from incredible mentors at those investment prices! However…

I knew so many people were being left out at those price points, I wanted to create a medium-sized group that’s affordable and attainable.

Elegant Excellence Mastermind is a year-long experience of marketing and mindset masterclasses, small group coaching and intimate community, with unparalleled access to myself, Hilary.

Over the next 12 months we’ll go deeper on three areas

how we make decisions

  • Both systems we set up, and creative problem solving
  • From launch projections, to revenue stream analysis and data tracking

how sell more

  • How do we connect, compel, and convert our dream customers
  • We’ll work on our content, websites and emails, pricing and positioning, optins and funnels

how we do it gracefully

  • Our mindset, and the lifestyle we choose to cultivate
  • This includes taking ownership, leading teams, finances, rest and mental health

Love, I’ve got your back

Heading into my fourth year leading this mastermind, you benefit from hundreds of women who came before you!

I’ve heard their challenges and confusion, where they got overwhelmed or stuck, and this brand new vision for the next 12-months is exactly what you need — nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed by jam-packed courses, lost in ten-thousand-person Facebook groups, I hear you.

If you want a community and mentor you feel safe and supported with, and to feel more savvy and sophisticated in your business acumen — you’ve found the right place.

P.S. If we haven’t met, hello! I’m Hilary Rushford Collyer.

10 years ago I was a musical theatre performer — Radio City Rockettes, Broadway Tour and all that jazz — working mind-numbing day jobs as a temp or caterer in between shows.

I started a business as a personal stylist just to replace the side jobs I loathed, and within a few years was getting as many Q’s about how I’d built my business.

My 4th year in business I went from $200k to $1.2 million in revenue, and now well beyond.

In 2018 I learned that less than 2% of female-owned businesses make over a million dollars a year. You may relate more to my original business goal: replace my horrid $35k/year office job and make $50k working for myself. Yet that statistic compelled me to start the Elegant Excellence Mastermind – aware that I’m blessed with experience few have, and wanting to empower more women to build financial breathing room for themselves and their families.

personal deets:

Newlywed-ish in Brooklyn NY. Met my husband-with-the-good-hair at church.

Fan of Taylor Swift, red lipstick, grapefruit gin and tonics, and time in France.

Also saving home decor images on Instagram for a house I don’t have (wink).

My passion is helping creative entrepreneurs have more joy and less overwhelm, in their business and life.
If that sounds like you, I can’t wait to hear your story and get to know you this year…

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“Out of all the courses, masterminds etc I’ve bought, this is by far the best value.”

EEM has TRULY helped me get very clear on my financials in a way I’ve been avoiding and needing to for SO long.

It also helps me feel that things are very possible for me and my business; confident I’ve given it my all and can be really proud of what I’ve created no matter how imperfectly or unexpectedly it unfolds. And that I’m not alone in the stressors of entrepreneur life.

Learning from Hilary and the people who have helped make her business such a success, plus getting to know and communicate with her, it’s kind of a dream come true.

I’m incredibly grateful for the mastermind and feel that out of all the courses, masterminds etc I’ve bought, this is by far the best value and fills me with the wisdom I really need.


“My sales are up 40+% for the year! My mind is blown.”

This month (June) I’ve already surpassed last November sales, which as a product based company is CRAZY since November is one of my big holiday months. To me, doing so well in general but especially during this time of COVID, is so unexpected. My sales are up 40+% for the year! My mind is blown.

I am grateful for this Mastermind (both years now!) because it has shown me a new way to run my business that I never thought was possible. I thought the only way to sell to my customer base was in person and by having my studio/storefront open. Having to close my studio made me nervous about sales. The transition from in person to online apparently was not a problem as almost all my sales were online and they kept coming in!

It gives me so much more freedom with my time and energy. I feel like a brand new person! I feel empowered now that I know there is another way to run my business that doesn’t require me to constantly be running.

Plus I just love Hilary so having her be my inspiration, cheerleader and role model is everything.


“I now work 2 hours a day + got 3 new clients after cutting my hours”

Prior to Elegant Excellence I was overwhelmed, stayed up late and worked tons of hours without making much progress. I have a toddler and I was not fully present because I was so tired. It was awful.

Elegant Excellence was a game changer! Was. A. Game changer! I changed my business focus and model. I now work about 2 hours a day instead of 6 hours after my child goes to sleep. I moved my blog to Instagram, started making mini-trainings for my fellow coaches, and I got 3 new clients after cutting my hours!

Thanks to Hilary I now look for what gives me the biggest return time-wise, mentally, and financially — and this made all the difference in the world. I feel free now! I’m so excited to continue putting this into practice.


“SO worth every penny.”

When I’m really down on myself or my dreams and feel like all is lost, EEM is where I turn to and it ALWAYS gets me back on track. Always.

Understanding the storytelling of marketing, and seeing how business works on a detailed level, makes it totally approachable and dream able.

So much gratitude for this mastermind. SO worth every penny. And so much gratitude for Hilary’s approach to us and her business — heart centered and not fear based.

I’ve been experiencing financial difficulty here and EEM’s support through this has been unbelievable. You are truly offering so much beauty and love to others, it’s beautiful to be a part of it.

Thank you for helping me envision a clear path, I feel so much more at peace and confident in moving forward. I can’t tell you how much this mastermind has saved me! All my friends are like ‘wow, what an amazing group you’re in!’ Yep.


PS: Have a question? Drop Team Dean a note.